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i was developing a ergonomi tool that PDA (Personal Digital Assitant) based. this application help manajer,assistant of ergonomi to evaluate a ergonomi desain of his workplace. this application is still on developing and be my final assesment.

this application run on PDA and consist 6 ergonomic module, there are :

  • work risk assesment (Evaluasi resiko kerja)
  • work load assesment(Evaluasi beban kerja)
  • Manual handling assesment (Evaluasi beban pengangkatan manual )
  • Checklist K3
  • Audit K3
  • Ergonomic office (Checklist ergonomi perkantoran)
  • working posture analysis (Evaluasi postur kerja)

making indonesia be the next silicon valley!

i am proud to be an indonesian moslem

moslem + indonesia –> the next super power country ! + the next rich country!

under construction……

Center of Excelent!

am still learn writing in english, so the article below have many wrong sentence and bad english word.
“trying = 99% x success”

“Center of Excelent”
it was 10 year when this nation switch to “reformasi” era which change all aspect of life. now, media show a news fredomly without pressure from governor and many of corupt cases emerge from TV news. we hope this condition will going on for long time to make this nation better. a question appear when am thinking about “are reform can make this nation transform to a new emerging rich country?? or get back his honor ?”.
simultaniously am thinking about above question, i was read a SBY’s new book “Indonesia on the move”,. He say many of advance nation build up from dark age by obtain his Human Resurce. reform and democracy is not enough to only change this country but there are same missing character need to be founded and invest. do you know that ?, yeah that is “center of excelent” , a beutiful frase but hard to image
do you agree with me??
if yes, it is a good sense of you but if not, this is a chance you to look deeply what am thinking.
i remember when a baghdad (central city of irak) was become a center of science, art,trading, religion. many of student from eroupe, asia come to learn deeply a science and they are amazed what was moslem did. many of greek’s book was translate to arab language to fill a disire of learning. therefore, in 12 th century arab was the most advance nation.
then saveral hundred years later, it was europe’s turn. the spirit of knowledge spread quickly around people. he is dalton who knows as atom theory discoverer, he was newton known as father of physic, he was piere mercury as researcher of radiation material, and so on….. am so attracted to find how this soul of knowledge become the basis of europe advance that we found nowday. why this was happed is the desire to become excelent, excelent of anything..! especialy on science. many of europer have a belief and spirit that they can be like arab that was become advance. this is the point of what am was write above “center of excelent!”.
when europe in the industrial era, america was very… very… very… young boy. many people from europe move to america to find a better life. most of the people who move to america is not rich or a scientist, the are just a community whose just find a fredom. but saveral decade later, many of science from europe move to america, they will build a next advance nation. the spirit to transfrom, was make american respected . many student from europe, asia, arab learn as student in this nation. american then advance in technology, art, film, medicine, astronomy, etc. why this happed,becouse spirit to become “center of excelent”
at the world war II, all nation in asia is on the same state. but now, many of country from asia emerge become advance country. we look for japan whose was shattered because of nuclear but then transform become high technology country. we looking to china whose saveral decade ago become very poor country, but now transform become rich trading country. looking for malaysia whose saveral decade ago is indonesia’s student, but now grow to be next rich country. what am mention above point same changing that fastly happened and indonesia still throw into deep crisis.
am sure, and very very sure indonesia can be the next advance country. we have capability in human resource, nature resource, so what else? we can! yeah am sure!!!!!. but it depend of us, who is call ‘mahasiswa’ , i like with the prase ‘mahasiswa is agent of change’ this inspired me to be one of the agent of change, so you are.
hahaha…. what am just wrote above is something less in data proving, but am trying what i belief to make indonesia better.

what am was write above inspired from SBY’s book “INDONESIA ON THE MOVE”.